All about my first born! – TAG 

Hey lovelies! 

So I stumbled across this tag on google and loved the idea of it! I tend to talk a lot about this pregnancy and the second baby because the pregnancy is a massive thing that is virtually taking over my life right now, so I wanted to give my first daughter some recognition and share with you all the little facts about her!

I’d love to see all of your versions of this tag so feel free to let me know if you have done it and I’ll be sure to have a read!

1.Boy or girl? Baby girl 👶🏼🌸

Name you chose? Khaleesi-may 

Weight at birth? Exactly 7lbs ⚖️

Eye colour? Blue/grey 

Date baby was born? 23rd June 2015

Date baby was due? 3rd July 2015

Early, on time, late? Early! By nearly 2 weeks 🙊

What star sign was your baby born under? Cancer 

What is his/her birth flower? Khaleesis is a rose! 

What is his/her birth stone? A pearl 

Natural birth or c section? Natural 

Pain relief? None! Literally nothing! 

Assistance? None needed. 

Did he/she have hair? If so what colour and how much? Yes she did! She had a fair amount of hair when born and it was a very dark blonde, but after several weeks began getting lighter and is now virtually white! 

Going home outfit? 

How many nights in hospital? Just one night!

Age you conceived? I was 17, i found out I was 4 weeks pregnant only 3 days before my 18th birthday!

Age you gave birth? 18! 

How many weeks pregnant were you when you gave birth? 38 weeks and 4 days when I gave birth. 

Babies middle name? Dizney 

Why did you choose your babies name? We chose ‘khaleesi’ because Nathan loves game of thrones and we just knew that she would be blonde also! Khaleesi also means queen/mother of dragons and we loved the meaning! We added ‘may’ because it runs in Nathan’s side of the family and her middle name ‘dizney’ because it’s the same as mine. 

Attach a picture of your baby after he/she was born-  

Did your baby need extra help or care? If so how long for? No she didn’t! When she was born she was actually perfect, it was me who needed extra assistance! 

How old is your first born now? She is nearly 16 months old now! She’s growing so fast! She’s walking, talking, virtually running too. I just don’t know where the time has gone!

Attach a photo of what your first born looks like now- 
I hope you all enjoyed my tag all about my first born! I love answering questions and writing about her whenever I can. She is my absolute pride and joy! ❤️👶🏼 


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